Monday, May 30, 2016


Imagine you’re in utter darkness
No light of day, nor warmth of sun,
Unable to see a clear path
Stumbling and feeling undone.
Life without God is darkness,
Mired in sin, no warmth of the Son.
Unable to stay on the right path,
Wanting freedom and finding none.
Then Jesus’ light shines through the darkness,
He beckons you to enter in.
You believe His words and trust them,
And He cleanses you from all sin.
Now you walk in the light with Him,
His love warms your heart every day.
You no longer stumble in darkness
For the Light has shown you the way.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Would I?
By Susie Hale

What would I do if all my friends forsook me?
Would I forgive them and love them just the same?
And if one of my best friends then denied me,
Would I love him and take on me his blame?
If the soldiers spit on me and mocked me
Then beat me and struck me in the face,
Would I suffer, knowing I could stop it?
Would I take the pain to save the human race?
If they made me drag my cross to Calvary;
And I stumbled and fell along the way
Would I keep silent and not ask intervention
Or complain that it’s too high a price to pay?
Would I lie down and let them drive the nails in?
Would I stay there though my flesh began to tear?
Would I endure the untold mental anguish
As the sin of all the world I had to bear?
For the friends who denied they ever knew me,
For the sinners who had not yet be born,
Would I go through death and hell on Calvary?
Would I volunteer to wear a crown of thorns?
I wouldn’t do it for all the earthly riches.
I couldn’t do it; I don’t have that kind of love.
But I’m thankful that Jesus Christ went through it.
I’m so glad the Father sent Him from above.
For Jesus has that kind of mercy,
And Jesus has that kind of grace
That though His own men did forsake Him,
He would suffer and die in their place.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Jesus road into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt
Which bore Him patiently and did not bolt.
This fulfilled the prophesy of Zechariah
Who described the gentle and righteous Messiah
And the crowds rejoicing to see their King,
The promised One would change everything.
His death and resurrection defeated sin and death,
The same one who brought life to Adam with His breath.
God incarnate, God with us, God’s Son, Jesus Christ,
The perfect Passover Lamb to be sacrificed
Obediently entered Jerusalem to Hosannas of praise
Knowing crucifixion was His destination in just a few days. 

Monday, May 23, 2016


Expression of Extreme Devotion

“Give of your best to the Master,”

We sang when I was a teen.

This is the verse that reminds me

Exactly what that can mean.

Mary gave extravagantly

Because she loved her Lord

Even before he raised her brother

From death by the power of His word.

Jesus does not demand things from us – He wants our all, our entire being surrendered to Him. However, we often feel such an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love that we desire to give Him the most valuable item we have. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his promised son, Isaac, on the altar at God’s command. Joseph the dreamer continued to be faithful to the Lord after being thrown into a pit by his brothers, and God used him to save the Israelites from famine. Moses took on Pharaoh at the age of eighty when the Lord commanded him to leave his new life to deliver His people. Hannah gave her firstborn son to work in the temple alongside Eli out of gratitude that the Lord opened her womb. Hosea was willing to ruin his reputation when the Lord told him to marry Gomer the prostitute in order to be a picture of God’s love for us. Esther risked her position as queen and her very life in order to save the Jews, God’s people. Mary submitted to God when Gabriel gave her the message that she would be the mother of the Messiah. Joseph married Mary who was pregnant with Jesus disregarding what their neighbors would think of the two of them and the gossip they surely would spread. The apostles left everything, their businesses and their families, to follow Jesus and become His ambassadors to spread the Gospel. Mary of Bethany gave the most expensive thing she owned to honor Jesus before His death on the cross. Throughout history, God’s people have sacrificed to show how deeply they love God. Is there something you need to lay on the altar to be used by God for His glory. If so, do not hesitate. The reward may not be immediate or even on this side of Heaven, but God sees and knows your heart.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Each Part of the Body is Important

Acts 12:20 (VOICE) So now, many members function within the one body. 21 The eye cannot wail at the hand, “I have no need for you,” nor could the head bellow at the feet, “I won’t go one more step with you.” 22 It’s actually the opposite. The members who seem to have the weaker functions are necessary to keep the body moving; 23 the body parts that seem less important we treat as some of the most valuable; and those unfit, untamed, unpresentable members we treat with an even greater modesty. 24 That’s something the more presentable members don’t need. But God designed the body in such a way that greater significance is given to the seemingly insignificant part. 25 That way there should be no division in the body; instead, all the parts mutually depend on and care for one another. 26 If one part is suffering, then all the members suffer alongside it. If one member is honored, then all the members celebrate alongside it.

The church is described as the body of Christ;
Every part is needed for works to be visualized.
As our bodies need eyes, ears, hands, feet, and hearts,
So the body of Christ needs each of its parts.
In the case of Precious Jewels Ministries,
God combines the talents of Susan and me.
She will brainstorm and explain a creative concept,
But when it comes to computer skills, she is inept.
Cerebral palsy limits the use of her fingers,
And she needs to record her ideas while they linger.
So I’m the Lord’s fingers recording her words.
He enables me to type them as fast as they’re heard.
Together we study. Susan has the ministry degrees;
And we both have God’s word hid in our memories.
Again, I am able to look up definition or commentary,
Often because Susan poses an interesting query.
As we each use our God-given gifts and abilities,
We move our ministry from concept to realities.
Do not be disheartened if you seem to be a big toe,
For without that digit, tumbling over the body will go.
Faithfully use the capabilities you possess by God’s grace
And be amazed how He uses you all over the place!

Susie Hale – May 20, 2016

I am the visionary, and Susie is my facilitator. By the way, if you ARE a big toe, I may need your services someday since I no longer have toes or even knees.  Susan Slade

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hawaiian Misty Mountain by Missy Campbell

My highest thoughts are merely a mist.
A dream fades away through the years.
My goals may become reality
Only through hard work and tears.
If I think I should do something
But never get out of my chair,
The dream cannot take on substance.
It’s as if it were never there.
For a dream can become reality
Only when acted upon.
For only by doing can I achieve
And my dreams take accomplishment’s form.
To act upon a dream takes courage;
For that I’ll rely on the Lord.
And trust that the dreams He has placed in my heart
He’ll complete as He says in His word.
For His is the love that inspires me
To be all He wants me to be.
From Him comes the strength to go forward
Turning dreams into reality.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Show Me Thy Ways
By Susie Hale, 1/21/83

“Show me Thy ways, O Lord,
Teach me Thy paths.”
As did the Psalmist,
Your guidance I ask.
Illumine Your word
To my mind as I read.
Through Your Holy Scripture,
Give me answers I need.
Help me to trust in You
More every hour.
Help me to walk
In the spirit’s power.
I pray for the wisdom
You’ve promised to give,
The skill that I need
As for Jesus I live.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Lazarus, Come Out

The chains of death had bound him,
And in a tomb he had been laid,
Lazarus, the friend of Jesus, dead,
his sisters were dismayed.
Then Jesus walked up to the tomb
And to the heavenly father prayed.
The glory of God would be revealed
And His power over death displayed.
“Lazarus, come out!” he cried,
Bound in linen strips he came.
He who had been dead four days,
Would live to glorify Jesus’ name.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Sickness that Glorifies God?

“How,” you may ask, “can sickness
Glorify Jesus our Lord?”
Those who know the rest of this story
Know Lazarus died and was raised by His word.
However, sometimes our loved ones,
Faithful Christians, seem not to be healed.
Yet even in their struggling
The glory of God is revealed.
A believer who faithfully praises
And trusts the Lord even in trials
Glorifies Jesus their Savior
And amid tears can bring smiles.

Dedicated to Harold, Lana, Ann, Roxy, Nyah, Heston, Jennifer, Anna Kate, Brandie, 
and many others 
who glorify God in the midst of their battles.

Monday, May 9, 2016


New Construction
By Susie Hale on May 12, 1985

I tried in vain to remodel my life,
To cover up all of its pain and its strife.
I’d put on a smile and a good attitude.
I’d try to be positive; try to be good.
But try as I might my life didn’t change.
The same old me was just rearranged.

But God didn’t want to remodel my life;
To simply paint over the pain and the strife.
Instead, He created a whole new me;
Made me what I never thought I could be.
Exceedingly, abundantly beyond all I thought
God’s Spirit for me a new life has wrought!