Friday, June 24, 2016


Philippians 2 Poem – Susie Hale 1986

Jesus left His kingly throne;
Set aside His rightful glory.
As a tiny babe He came;
Yes, we know the Christmas story.

          But have you thought of what I meant
                For Him to come as just a baby?
        To rely on someone else
                To wrap Him in the swaddling clothes?
        To become not only man,
                But man in his most helpless state?
        Have you thought
                Of the humility this shows?

As He grew to be a man,
He obeyed His heavenly Father;
Then became the sacrifice
For there could not be another.

        But have you thought of what it meant
                For Him to walk to Calvary?
        To lie down for someone else
                To drive the nails into His hands?
        To obey God unto death,
                Not only death but cruelest torture?
        To humbly obey
                The Father’s plan?

The resurrected Christ,
Now restored to all His glory,
Asks of us not just to tell
But to live each day His story.

        Have you thought of what it means
                For us to be like-minded?
        To follow His example
                And to have the mind of Christ?
        To esteem all others better
                Than ourselves and be as servants?
        Next to what He’s done for me
                     It seems a minor sacrifice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


No Greater Love

Jesus had told His disciples
He would call them servants no more.
He shared the Father’s intent with them;
They were beloved friends He adored.
And then He explained the measure
Of His love for these intimate brothers
That He would willingly give His life
For them and so many others.
Jesus laid down His life for me,
A sinner He chose to befriend.
No greater love story has ever been known
Than the one Jesus lived and John penned. 

Monday, June 20, 2016


A Branch on God’s Vine

I am a branch in God’s vine, Jesus.
I must remain attached.
I cannot function as I should
If I become detached.
As a vine gets nutrients from the sap,
The Holy Spirit flows through me.
He nourishes and gives me strength
To be what Christ wants me to be.
Any accomplishment I achieve
Is truly due to Jesus Christ
For He is the source of my energy
He is the giver of life.
The Father tends this living vine,
Waters, prunes, and feeds.
Since I am a branch in God’s vine,
I know He will meet all my needs.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Legacy of Peace

          Jesus gives us perfect peace. His peace is not dependent upon circumstances. We can have His peace in the middle of chaos because God is amazing, He’s awesome, He’s all-powerful. It is an all-consuming peace that envelopes the believer like a father’s arms fold around a frightened child. Stuff is still going on but the child feels safe in daddy’s embrace.

          There is a famous painting titled “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” by Jack E. Dawson.  There are several hidden images in it, but the best known is a perfect illustration of the peace that Jesus left as a legacy to all who would believe. In the middle of a violent storm with crashing waves, a white bird (dove?) has found quiet refuge in a cleft of the rocky cliff. The bird is completely undisturbed even though the world seems to be swirling around it.

          The peace the Lord grants us is not an absence of trouble but confidence that God will see us through the storm. Jesus does not take away every uncomfortable or even painful experience, but He does enable us to be calm and peaceful not just after a trial but during it. Do you have this kind of peace? It is available to all who trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Jesus is eternal,
          Our dwelling place forever.
But where is it that we’re going?
          Toward what do we endeavor?
If it is security
          That mankind strives to find,
Just think on God’s stability.
          Let His peace fill your mind.
Man’s life is but a moment
          As upon this earth he lives,
But he can live forever
          Through Christ who loves and forgives.
Some people live for now,
          Get all they can today;
Then wonder what it all was for
          When life begins to fade away.
There really is a purpose
          For life upon this earth.
God shows to man the reason
          When man receives rebirth.
Jesus is eternal.
       The reason for each day
Should be to live each moment
          In preparation for the way
That Jesus Christ will lead
          As we walk upon these roads.
Trust in his ability
             To lighten all life’s loads.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

I know the way to where my Jesus lives,
For He has told me in the Word that He gives.
Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, says the Lord.
To get to the Father, we must all heed these words.
He goes to prepare a place for those who believe.
Therefore, he’ll come again the saved to receive.
We will then swell within the mansions of His home.
Forever to be with God and never to roam.
Jesus, the only way to Heave above;
Jesus, who holds the key to peace and to love;
Sent the Holy Spirit who abides now in me
Preparing me every day the Lord’s face to see. 

Friday, June 10, 2016


My Prayer

By Susie Hale on May 15, 1982

Thank You, Lord, for Christian friends,
People who really care,
People who take the time to listen
When I have a burden to share.
Thank You for brothers and sisters
Who reach out to give so much,
Who are sensitive to my needs,
Who will give me a smile or a touch.
Thank You for the blessing
Of our Christian family,
Friends who can comfort when I am down
Or when happy, rejoice with me.
Help me to be the sister-friend
That each of them needs to know.
Show me the ways that I can help them.
Through me, may Your love show.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


When we begin to show our love
the way that Jesus would,
to forget ourselves and focus in
on others as we should;
When we begin to love our brothers
and sisters in the Lord
and do for them what we’d like done for us
according to God’s word;
When we are truly more concerned
about our brother’s needs
and help him through agape love
and not for praise of deeds;
Then the world will see this love
that cannot come from man,
and we can bear witness love comes from God
and tell them of His plan.

By Susie Hale, July 15, 1982

Monday, June 6, 2016


Not Just Washing Feet

Humbly He washed the disciples’ feet,
The God of the universe stooping low,
Their master clothed in servant’s garb,
His intense love Jesus wanted to show.
If the One who created everything
Could wash those smelly, dusty feet,
They should be willing to do the same
to share His love, His work to complete.

His example was not limited to bathing feet,
His intent was that we be continually serving,
To be humble enough to do lowly tasks
Even for those who seem undeserving.
For those who would lead in the Kingdom of God
Must learn to be servants to one another
In Jesus’ name with a joyful heart
Ministering faithfully to sister and brother.

Friday, June 3, 2016


By Susie Hale
March 20, 1982
Notes on devotional talk by Carol Ann Draper

Even when the sun is blocked from my sight,
Through Christ I know I am still in the light.
When clouds of circumstance drift about,
I can rise above them if I do not doubt.
When I look at the Lord instead of the problems,
They won’t defeat me; the Lord will solve them.
He does not take circumstances away
But gives victory over them every day.
He uses the direst of problems we know
To bring us to Him, His love to show.